Ring Sling Photos

Daisy Sling

A sweet daisy, with a beautiful butterfly perched upon it. Hope this mama loves her Daisy sling!

Art Nouveau

This design was very intricate and challenging (in a good way)! I’m very happy with the detail and with how it came out. Colors are most accurate in the first picture. $180

Raven Sling

I’m very excited for this mama to get her new sling. She will just love it! $130

Element Sling

A very special sling for a very sweet mama.

Sarita Star Designs Moonrise over the Mountains

This beautiful one of kind creation by Sarita Star Designs was made specially for Megan and Zevi. It is double layered with shoulder detail. The back layer of the tail is appliqued with a special symbol that has a significant meaning to Megan. $160

Batik Tree

I am very happy with how this turned out. This was a custom order for batik as edging. Beautiful! $110

Back Carry

What a great dad! Stripes with shoulder detail. $105

Lotus on a ring sling


Sarita Star Designs Charcoal Mint

This sling is just so fresh and crisp. Like a perfect autumn day. $95

La Tortuga!

Yet another one of a kind creation by Sarita Star Designs. This is Samson, the three toed box turtle. $130

Melissia Slings

I created these two slings for a family in Greece. They are expecting twins. Bamboo $110 and leaves $95.

BOLD sling

This is the sling I donated to the BOLD raffle and this is the mama who won it. You can read more about BOLD here: www.birthonlaborday.com

A little bird told me…

The circle also doubles as a pocket. $110

The landscape

I made this sling for Kelly at The Green Kangaroo. It turned out *amazing*, if I do say so myself. $130

both $95

Sadie’s ring sling

This sling features a circle closure tab w/ velcro. I really loved the way it turned out and had so much fun creating it. I put both flash and without flash photos as I had a hard time capturing real colors. $110

Not only does this sling have lovely leaves applique, it is also made from organic cotton/hemp w/ organic cotton edging. $105

Blue stripes

This sling is for a wonderful foster mama. She has fostered over 50 babies! $95

Blue Star

I had so much fun making this sling. $105

Forest Swirl


Moon and stars

This is Tracey and Maeve’s new sling. $95
Black swirl

Custom work for Michelle. Very chic! It’s a bit hard to see in the picture but the stitching in the circles matches the rings. $95

Conji sling

This sling is for Julie. The conji means “blessing”.

Various ring slings

Recycled Youth
These were for Recycled Youth in Arcata, California. $95

Various ring slings

Kid Slings

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