Cherry Blossom Bird

Well, I’ll admit, I have a thing for birds.   So this was extra fun for me. 🙂

And in the words of the mama who is receiving this sling:

“The cherry blossom symbolizes the transience of life in Japanese culture. Its quite fitting for me as I see my baby growing up so fast right before my eyes….I see, in her, the transience of mine and her life happening right before my eyes, and the cherry blossom reminds me to enjoy each and every day I have with her and the ability to still wear my little girl.”

$170, no pocket


2 thoughts on “Cherry Blossom Bird

  1. Wow Sarita! I really see an evolution in your work. Theres some new influence you’ve started putting into your designs.

    Its the angles or something. Very subtle, but very effective. It shows 🙂

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