Make your own wall hanging!

*This is currently on hold*

I am opening up a few spots for semi-custom art appliqué wall hangings.

Instead of just owls, however, there are 4 other options for appliqués as well. 🙂

The choices are (there are pictures of each of these below):

1) A bird and branch (just like the one pictured) $85

2) Willow tree with blowing branches $85

3) A lotus flower $115

4) Ginkgo leaves with a dragonfly $115

5) Owl with branches $135

The wall hanging with be in this style:

The fun part though, is you get to pick the prints you want! You can send your own, or pick from (includes any fabric that is $10/yd or less) if you’d like something that costs more, you will need to cover the difference).

If you would like to order a wall hanging, please send me an email stating which number appliqué you want. I will send you an invoice that does not include shipping (you pay for that once I pack it up and figure out the actual amount).

I will need payment and links to the 3 prints by Monday at 1pm (pacific time).

Example Photos of Appliqué Choices:

1) Bird–as shown above… you can add more branches and leaves for an extra $20

2) Willow tree with blowing branches

3) Lotus (it will actually be bigger for this project)

4) Ginkgo leaves with dragonfly

5) Owl and Branches

The completed size would be 20″x20″ (stretched canvas).

Turnaround time is 3 weeks from payment. 🙂



One thought on “Make your own wall hanging!

  1. I would totaly be intrested if I did not already have one of your beautiful Owl wall prints hanging in my house 🙂

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