All sold :)

Slings are each approximately 76″-77″ long, not including the rings.

The detail on the tail is 20″, so please keep that in mind for space when wearing.

They are all single layer slings, double accordian shoulder with pleats on under side (not showing when worn).

$140ppd  ALL SOLD.

Love the little birdies! ❤


~ Bird Sees Spider~

This super cute instock is almost ready to go! Once you specify sling length, I will sew in the rings and it will go out the next day.  Echino Green Scene with coordinating Moda Ladybugs for the edging and featuring a little bird, who just spied the spider!  It is 31″ wide and has a hidden pocket on back. This sling is OOAK..

Price is $135. *SOLD*

*I am offering free shipping with insurance for this sling.*

Cherry Blossom Bird

Well, I’ll admit, I have a thing for birds.   So this was extra fun for me. 🙂

And in the words of the mama who is receiving this sling:

“The cherry blossom symbolizes the transience of life in Japanese culture. Its quite fitting for me as I see my baby growing up so fast right before my eyes….I see, in her, the transience of mine and her life happening right before my eyes, and the cherry blossom reminds me to enjoy each and every day I have with her and the ability to still wear my little girl.”

$170, no pocket